jueves, 29 de octubre de 2009

julie mehretu

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Ruby Mag #40

image by stuart bailes

Issue #40 is now online and ready for you to see. check the work of paul wackers, ana armendariz, stuart bailes, mira burack, andrew cranston, rob voerman, lucas lasnier (aka parbo) and nicholas hance mcelroy.


Ruby Mag #39

image by Darren Rigo

Ruby #39 is up! go ahead and take a look at the work of these artists: aidan koch, molly schulps, alex mcleod, jaakko pallasvuo, san poggio, sophie jodoin and darren rigo!


Ruby Mag #38

image by katharina trudzinski

Issue #38 is now online! check the great work of this month's artists: nick van woert, william edmonds, carolyn monastra, liang-yin wang, joe penrod, jon macnair and katharina trudzinski.


Ruby Mag #37

image by scarlett hooft graafland

Issue #37 is up! enjoy the following artists: scarlett hooft graafland, jean philippe harvey, ornela tarzia, megan cump, jason clay lewis, danna ray and sean marc lee.


Ruby Mag #36

image by luo yang

Ruby Mag is back! After 3 months, Ruby has a new issue with 8 fantastic artists! Issue #36 includes: jonathan jacques, pablo lehmann, dustin aksland, ramsey arnaoot, tom moore, victoria haven, luo yang and paul matosic.


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