jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

Please help Ruby!

Ruby is a project that is independent and free. I (Irana Douer, an illustrator from Buenos Aires Argentina) started it 6 years ago just for fun and little by little has become bigger and more serious. Last year I had the amazing opportunity of getting Ruby’s book (Ruby: Otherworldliness) published by Gestalten and this year i had the pleasent surprise of being selected for ArteBA, which is Argentina’s biggest art fair. It is a great opportunity to make a further step and luckily make Ruby not only an online project buta n actual real one. I would like Ruby to get a space, have an exhibition room and a store section for artists to show their work and also make a living out of it by selling what they do.

ArteBA is a 5 day art fair in which all the major galleries have their own booth and there’s a special area called Barrio Joven (“Young Neighbouthood”) in which 17 new projects get a chance to have their own booth and show young new artists. It is an amazing opportunity to show collectors, gallerists, curators, critics, etc, what the project is about and also show them , what we believe are, the new promises in art.

The thing is that, as you may know, Ruby is for free. I don’t even pay for the web space because it was generoustly donated by our good friends of unaradio.com.ar, and the art fair booth costs money: the rental, the lights, the security insurance, etc.

So here is where you participate. If you have been enjoying of Ruby’s issues for the past years and you believe it is a project that has something different to offer, please give us a hand! You can donate whatever you can (everything is appreciated it) or I have made different offers for you to get something in return.

Thank you for your time and support!

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Petrina Hicks

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Ruby Mag is an online art magazine based in buenos aires, argentina, created with the purpose of putting together different artists in a monthly mag in order to promote their work and share them with the rest of the world.

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